The liberal view of #GamerGate

The white knights of the anti-GG Left ride to the rescue:

niko ‏@nikodimov 30m30 minutes ago
There’s no anti-GG, just people with common decency who give a damn.

Peter Coffin ‏@petercoffin
Also I’m not anti-journalistic integrety, I’m anti-using-that-as-your-mission-statement-for-what-GG-is

Vox Day ‏@voxday
#GamerGate is all about journalistic integrity. That’s what kicked it all off. And they are VERY corrupt.

Nope. It’s about fear of ladyparts, and vultures like you projecting and attacking liberals journos

‘Hey look a fake cause where I can pretend Im relevant and pontificate about corruption & vaginas.’

Vox Day ‏@voxday
Corruption and vaginas? Oh, you mean ZOE QUINN. Got it.

Ah, so THAT’S what that journolist thing was. Just a group of game journalists with common decency who give a damn.

UPDATE: I find this behavior typical, and all too telling, of the frightened little rabbits upon finding themselves face to face with the big bad wolf. They leap up and yap, and then upon learning, to their surprise, that you actually respond, immediately run away with their hands pressed over their ears.

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