Rethinking their strategy

The CDC belatedly admits the obvious:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said it is starting to “rethink” its Ebola strategy after the first-ever US transmission of the virus put a “relatively large” number of healthcare workers at risk.

“We’re concerned, and unfortunately would not be surprised if we did see additional [Ebola] cases in healthcare workers who also provided care to the index patient,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said.

A nurse at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas was diagnosed with Ebola over the weekend, raising questions about the procedures that were followed when treating Thomas Eric Duncan. The nurse’s infection “doesn’t change the fact that it’s possible to take care of Ebola safely, but it does change, substantially, how we approach it,” Frieden said.

Notice that phrase: “it’s possible to take care of Ebola safely”. Possible. You are permitting Ebola victims to freely enter the USA because you MIGHT be able to safely take care of them?

They’ve already been wrong once. Who wants to bet his life that they’ve nailed it this time? They might have, but then again, perhaps not. What they need to rethink is preventing anyone who has been in Africa within the last two months from crossing any Western border.

See how useful borders can be, at least in theory, free traders?