It took them a while

But reality is beginning to penetrate even the thickest left-liberal skulls:

Ben Affleck joined Maher in talking about owning guns in order to protect their homes and their families.  Maher began the segment by talking about how the US is not protecting the environment, is failing to take Ebola seriously, and how “the Secret Service can’t even stop people from running across the lawn” at the White House. Affleck interjected: “They can’t just shoot someone on the lawn, that’s illegal… [But] they should have at least released the dogs.”

Maher then used Affleck’s comments as a springboard to launch into a short discussion on self-defense and the rights a private citizen has to defend himself and his property. He said: “In California, anyway, you can shoot an intruder in your home.”

Maher then looked at Affleck and said, “I mean, you have guns.” To which Affleck responded, “I do.” The audience grew quiet for a second and then roused up when Maher said, “So do I, and for that exact reason.” Maher added: “I’m not disarming unilaterally.”

Notice how discovering that they live in a world where danger has not, in fact, been legislated out of existence causes left-liberals like Ben Affleck, Bill Maher, and John Scalzi to rapidly about-face and purchase weaponry in order to defend themselves, their families, and their property. In like manner, they will abandon their vociferous feminism, racialism, immigrationism, and multiculturalism once they finally become attuned to the very real and present threats posed to themselves, their families, and their property.

Reality always demolishes false ideologies in the end. The core left-right question is whether one is capable of recognizing reality before the Grim Reaper is actually at one’s door.