Pinkshirts vs GamerGate

No worries, once “pinkshirt” becomes widely adopted as a derogatory term for a feminist or SJW, there can be little doubt that the pinkshirts will promptly pretend that it isn’t a “Vox Dayism”:

Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray
So sad to see GamerGaters latching onto Vox Dayisms like “pinkshirts” to refer to feminists. Oh well, they deserve each other.

One thing I find mildly bemusing is the way various pinkshirted newbies and wannabes still have no idea how long I’ve been in the game industry or what I do there. I mean, Wikipedia isn’t exactly complete, but there is SOME information there.

Laurel Halbany ‏@neverjaunty
@scalzi It’s pretty impressive how many shitbirds who never heard of gaming before this are jumping on GamerGate to peddle their snake oil.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
@neverjaunty As soon as GG happened, it was just a matter of time before that one signed on. Which is fine. The two deserve each other.

That’s even dumber than the accusation that my father somehow obtained my column at WND for me. For the record, I have been professionally reviewing games since 1991, beginning with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, then Chronicle Features, and then for Universal Press Syndicate, Computer Gaming World, Electronic Entertainment, and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution. Since I retired my AJ/C column, I have continued to write for various game industry publications since then, albeit not under this name.

I happen to know exactly what sort of corruption is rife throughout the games media; I was the only game developer permitted to write for CGW for exactly that reason. Johnny Wilson and Chris Lombardi both trusted my integrity, as did the editor of Electronic Entertainment. They knew I would cut my thumbs off before I would give a false review of any game. And they sure as hell wouldn’t have trusted the integrity of the most of the current breed of “game journalists”.

Ian Miles Cheong ‏@stillgray
Reminds me of Vox Day and every other parasite who’s latched onto this stupid movement.

Space Bunny ‏@Spacebunnyday
You might want to look at the dates of @voxday ‘s posts on the topic before claiming he’s “latching on” to it.

As it happens, I’ve known the games media longer than most of its biggest names have been around. I grew up with the late Paul Anderson and I still have a cassette tape with “Three Chord Song” and other songs by Andy McNamara’s band around here somewhere. I remember when Game Informer was Funcoland’s six-page in-house rag. I am familiar with the constant pressure the games media faces to ensure the flow of advertising money from the very companies it is reviewing. Some organizations and individuals are able to retain their integrity, but unfortunately, most don’t. Unless you truly love games more than money, you will succumb eventually. The smarter ones usually end up migrating to the development side in the end, where the influence is smaller but the pay is better.

I never accepted anything from anyone except free games for review. I suspect most of today’s “game journalists” would leap at the chance to sell out for a trinket or a free dinner, much less a skanky pinkshirt. Not only are they corrupt, some of them are even in ideological collusion, as can be seen by the timing of these various “Gamers are Dead” articles:

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And as far as “never heard of gaming” goes, Ender and I are in the process of testing our latest Fifth Frontier War module. For VASSAL. Which, by the way, I named.