Hate speech from Canada

A Canadian racist on Twitter, who is also a “Pagan liberal writer”,  apparently thinks he is the race police:

Trevor Curtis ‏@trevorcurtis23
@ChrisWarcraft @scalzi I’m sorry to put it this way, but my balls are more Native American than @voxday .

I wonder what tribe his balls belong to? Do they have a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood from the BIA? I wonder if his balls are also blacker than K. Tempest Bradford? How can we even know that he has any balls unless he posts evidence of this on the Internet?

Of course, the little coward backed down right away when I told him that he could pick the odds he’d give me and I’d choose the amount. I guess he finally figured out that he’d walked right into it.

Another guy asked me a question, which I answered. I asked him a question. He ignored it and asked two more questions. I didn’t answer them, but reminded him, twice, that he hadn’t answered my question. So, finally, he said that even though I hadn’t answered his questions (that he had asked AFTER mine), he would finally answer it. And then he evaded it.

It doesn’t surprise me that they are cowards, but it still surprises me how many people not only buy into their behavior, but consider it to be tactically admirable.