Sci Phi Journal #2

Quite a few New Release subscribers opted for SCI PHI JOURNAL #1 as their free book, so I expect more than few people might be pleased to know that the publisher is permitting Castalia House customers to purchase SCI PHI JOURNAL #2 a few days prior to its official release on November 1st.  The second issue of SCI PHI JOURNAL features short stories, book reviews, and some interesting articles such as “On the Ethics of Supersoldiers” by Patrick S. Baker and “The Making of the Fellowship” by the excellent fantasy essayist Tom Simon. it also contains the first part of a serial, Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky, and a history that never-was by Castalia House standout John C. Wright, entitled “Prophetic & Apotropaic Science Fiction”.

From the reviews of the premier issue:

  • It’s a bit tragic that you’d need a somewhat
    specialized magazine to read stuff that treats Sci Fi, philosophy and
    Christianity seriously and with respect – but here it is. 
  • This was an enjoyable read, well worth the price. As with anything in
    this format, the individual entries are of varying quality, but none
    were all bad. “Domo” was my personal favorite.
  • Enjoyed it enormously. The stories are well written. The magazine is thought provoking. 

SCI PHI JOURNAL #2 is now available in the Castalia Store for $3.99.