Another nomination for Larry

The Hugo-nominated author Larry Correia is now up for another award, this one being the Horror category of the GoodReads Choice Awards. The book nominated is Monster Hunter Nemesis and you can vote for it here.

And to think he didn’t even campaign for it! How is that even possible?

In other book news, there were two interesting development on the Castalia front this week. First, we’ve been under a relentless hacker attack for the last 134 hours, which appears to be related to our public endorsement of #GamerGate. After some initial success tracking down our login URL due to our carelessness, we tightened up the security and have been letting the hacker fruitlessly bang his head against the locked door in an attempt to gather more information about him. He’s changed his tactics three times now, but we have traced his activity through several servers in the USA and we may even have found his genuine IP address. So, the hunter has become the hunted.

The second thing was that as a result of working with a new author who will be announced shortly, his agent brought a second author to our attention, whose work actually promises to be very interesting. So, that’s another small step forward for the Blue SF/F revolution.