Call for translators

Castalia House has two very important books coming out early next year. One is the 4GW Handbook by William S. Lind and LtCol Gregory A. Thiele. The other is by an intellectual heavy-hitter who cannot yet be named since some of the details are still being worked out concerning the project. Castalia is paying its usual revenue share on both books, 25 percent, although keep in mind that some languages such as Baha Indonesia have sold very, very few copies as Amazon doesn’t even sell books in that language.

We absolutely require native speakers, (mere fluency is not enough) and prefer those with previous writing or translating experience. Previous Castalia translators will be given precedence, as we already know the quality of their work. Some, though not all, of these translations may appear in hardcover as well as in ebook format. Neither book is particularly long, the 4GW Handbook is around 50k words and the other one is 100k words.

If you are interested and able to commit to doing either or both of these translations, please send me an email with your native language in all caps in the subject.