Lives of horror

The Anonymous Conservative explains The Dunham Horror:

The Lena Dunham saga is a good example of how amygdala development,
or lack of it, can produce a human’s nature. In it, you see a woman who
growing up had few if any instances of amygdala-developing stress, and
whose parents themselves seemed predisposed to amygdala atrophy. As a
result, she never developed boundaries on her behavior, because her
amygdala was never taught through adversity, “don’t do that.” Now, as an
adult, she will always seek the easiest, least stressful path, and will
lack the ability to map out the long term consequences of her actions.
Because she lacks the hardware, her brain actually sees a world without
any consequences, and because she isn’t adapted to hardship, any
hardship she walks into is traumatic beyond belief.

In many ways, her story is directly analogous to the broader issue of
leftism in America. She freely wrote a disturbing account of her
behavior with her little sister, one which could easily destroy the most
vital thing for a rabbit – her reputation and status. Yet her amygdala
could not map out the consequences of her actions, and now she is in a
perpetual amygdala hijack that she cannot escape.

Leftists are identical. They cannot map out the long-term
consequences of their actions. The amygdala hardware is just not there.
So they seek the pleasure of the moment, avoid any hardships – even
those which might yield benefit later if endured now. Eventually they
collapse the very governing structures they need to hide behind, to
shield themselves from reality. It is no surprise Dunham is a leftist

Although one can reasonably be skeptical about AC’s r/K psychological model, it is both rhetorically useful and practically testable. It will be certainly be interesting to see how the theory plays out in terms of the Dunham molestation scandal.