The future of Aztec America

Remember, Hispanics are “natural conservatives”:

On Sept. 26, a violent gang and a criminal government combined to massacre 43 students near the Guerrero state town of Iguala.

A perceived attitude of elite indifference by Guerrero state and federal government officials has fanned national outrage. Now, as demonstrators block the runways of Acapulco’s airport and protests over gang-government collusion spread, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto faces an expanding crisis of confidence in government institutions….

On Sept. 26, Iguala municipal police broke up a march and a political demonstration staged by student protestors. Police killed six and then arrested another 43 student protestors. The police killed perhaps another dozen (by “asphyxiation,” investigators believe) and then handed the others over to the Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) gang. The gangsters killed the other 30 or so young men and women, shredded their corpses and burned the remains. After two gang members confessed in late October, investigators found burnt bone fragments in a dump near the town of Cocula (17 kilometers from Iguala). Search parties also discovered six bags of human remains.

Yes, policemen and gang gunmen colluding to commit mass murder….

That’s what the Obama administration and Republican immigration supporters are is seeking to make possible here in the American Southwest. Geography isn’t magic. The nature of a country is formed by the people who inhabit it. Just as the America inhabited by Indians was very different than the America inhabited by white European colonists, the America invaded by 60 to 100 million non-European settlers, none of whom have any regard for white European traditions, is going to be very different than the one that preceded it.

No one is coming to America or Europe because they “want to be free” anymore. They’re going there because they want to live more comfortably in a rich, white, Western country. Which is completely understandable, of course, but if most of them were capable of doing so successfully, they would already be doing it in their homelands.

It’s much easier to pull things down than lift them up. And neither civilization nor societal wealth and order are givens. Is it possible for immigrants to transform into quasi-natives over time? Of course. My great-grandfather, the Mexican revolutionary, fled to America in order to escape the assassins who killed Pancho Villa. But he came by himself and integrated to such an extent that neither his daughter nor his granddaughter ever learned Spanish. But that is small-scale immigration. What we have been seeing for the last three decades is mass migration and invasion, and it has already had an observably negative effect on the wealth and social order of the USA.

Perhaps it would be useful to distinguish between the immigrant, who intends to transform himself and his children into the native culture, and the settler, who intends to transform the native culture to better suit him and his children.