Why Obama is pushing amnesty through

This not-entirely-coincidental article in the New York Times is so timely that one has to suspect it was published yesterday in order to try to mollify Democrats who are little more enthusiastic than Republicans about the prospect of Obama magically converting millions of illegal aliens into citizens with the same rights and privileges they possess through unConstitutional executive action.

This region has become so solidly Republican, particularly since President Obama was elected, that there isn’t much left there for the Democratic Party to defend or salvage. For instance, prior to the 2010 midterms there were 54 Blue Dog Democrats in Congress. In the outgoing Congress, there are only 19 left, including eight from the South.

And Republican gerrymandering has further weakened Democratic power, even when Democrats vote in high numbers. As Lee Fang wrote this month at Republic Report, “Republican gerrymandering means Democratic voters are packed tightly into single districts, while Republicans are spread out in such a way to translate into the most congressional seats for the G.O.P.”

After the midterms, The Associated Press provided this tally:

“In January, the G.O.P. will control every governor’s office, two U.S. Senate seats, nearly every majority-white congressional district and both state legislative chambers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.”

It is important and relevant that The Associated Press pointed out the racial dichotomy because, in the South, ideology and racial identity are nearly inseparable.

Obama and the Democratic Party leadership are desperate to boost the non-white portion of the population because they understand that what has happened in the South, where there is a White Party and an Anti-White Party, is going to gradually spread to the West, East, and Mid-West. That division will probably occur last in the Mid-West for the counterintuitive reason that there are more whites there, so they will be the last to abandon multicultural ideology for pure racial power politics.

But this amnesty is about nothing but trying to create more Anti-White voters. The problem the Anti-White party faces, of course, is that La Raza hates blacks far more than whites do and considerably more than they hate whites. And while La Raza is socialist and likes big government as well as the largesse it produces, they aren’t particularly keen on most Democratic social causes. Still, what choice do the Democrats have? The only non-whites to whom they can turn are the very people who are in the process of ethnically cleansing southern California.

As I’ve previously noted, we will know that the transformation of America from a freedom-oriented white Christian European representative democracy to a conventional post-ideological ethnically divided state where rival groups scrabble for power is complete when SJWs like John Scalzi turn in their SJW cards and flee for the perceived safety of the White Party they have excoriated for years.