Free book extravaganza

In order to celebrate the release of THE BOOK OF FEASTS & SEASONS by John C. Wright, as well as to take advantage of the Kindle Select free days program before these books (sans the first) go on sale at the Castalia House store, we are giving away the following books this week on Amazon.






This is all preparatory to beefing up the translation section of the Castalia store, which is something we could hardly do if we didn’t have eight of our translations available there. The books will still be available on Amazon, they simply won’t be exclusively found there. Some of the translations which are already complete and are only awaiting ebook formatting and/or cover translations are: Big Boys Don’t Cry in French and Serbian, two QUANTUM MORTIS books in Chinese, Four Generations of Modern War in Spanish, The Wardog’s Coin in Italian, and there are more currently in the works.

In the meantime, if you’ve got an interest in one of these languages, this is your chance to grab the translations for free.