The pain of the rejected

In which we endeavor to soldier on:

A while back, during THE WEREWOLF ERA of our blog (seems like a thousand centuries ago), someone suggested some books by Vox Day and Larry Correia.  I dismissed them because I wasn’t interested in them, seemed too tongue in cheek or wacky or silly for me.  Apparently someone told Vox Day about it, which I think is sad that anyone should make it his business that there’s someone on the internet that doesn’t want to read his books, but whatever.

Anyway just wanted to mention that I think Larry Correia does deserve some respect, especially for having THE UNMITIGATED GALL of having opinions that most artists don’t approve of.

Actually, I understand from people who frequent GoodReads that not reading Vox Day’s books is not only rather common, but qualifies as something of a badge of honor to which all good and decent people should aspire. Based on comments I have seen here and there, there even appears to be something of a competition with regards to the vehemence with which one vows never to pollute one’s eyes with words whose order I have arranged. In comparison with this, I fear Mr. Webcomics’s benign indifference is hardly likely to impress anyone.

Especially since he has committed the unthinkable crime of saying something positive about the International Lord of Hate, the Nemesis of the SJWs, Mr. Larry Correia.

I’ve never quite grasped the idea about being upset that people don’t read your books. When even Umberto Eco’s own children express what he describes as “Olympian indifference” towards HIS work, the miracle is that anyone has any interest in it at all.