Banker #36, the Belgian

Zerohedge reports that the body of yet another banker has been found:

52-year-old Belgian Geert Tack – a private banker for ING who managed portfolios for wealthy individuals – was described as ‘impeccable’, ‘sporty’, ‘cared-for’, and ‘successful’ and so as Vermist reports, after disappearing a month ago, the appearance of his body off the coast of Ostend is surrounded by riddles. and was found dead this weekend off the coast of Ostend.

No report of nailgun, but there is some strangeness concerning his use of automobiles in the time leading up to his disappearance. And there is a possible # 37 in London:

A banker has died after becoming impaled on railings after falling 60ft from the window of a luxury penthouse in central London, which is next door to John Lennon’s former home. Police were called to the exclusive block of flats in Montagu Square in Marylebone at about 5.20pm yesterday, but were unable to save the man who was in his early fifties.

Firefighters had to help police cut through the five foot high metal railings with an angle grinder, as part of attempts to free the man. Metropolitan Police said the man’s death was not being treated as suspicious but confirmed enquiries were being carried out into the circumstances surrounding his death.