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One guess why you haven’t seen much about this young white woman being burned alive in Mississippi:

Police are hoping that the final words said by a 19-year-old woman who was burned alive may lead them to her killer. Jessica Chambers was covered in flames when she was found on a road near to her home in the tiny community of Courtland, Mississippi on Saturday after leaving to get a bite to eat.

A passerby called 911 after seeing her car alight and when first responders arrived at the scene and found her covered in flames, she whispered a few words that detectives believe could lead them to her killer, WTOC reported.

Police have not disclosed what Chambers said or tried to say, but her father, Ben Chambers, told the channel she told them who was responsible for the horrifying crime. ‘She told them, she told them, told him who done it,’ he said.

She was walking along Herron Road, near Highway 51, and covered in flames when she was found, and was flown to Region One Health in Memphis but later died. Authorities said initial autopsy results reveal the girl died from severe burns that covered 98 per cent of her body.

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said she had been doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. Her father also said she had ‘a big gash on her head’.

‘They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out,’ added Mr Chambers, a maintenance worker for the sheriff’s department.

Perhaps it was the KKK who were just so ANGRY that this white girl was involved with black men. Or a secret elite white fraternity at the University of Mississippi enacting a horrific pledging ritual. That’s probably why the mainstream media isn’t touching it. Probably. Regardless of who did it, I suspect there won’t be many who will fault that father if he slaughters every single member of the extended family of every single individual involved.