Pity the poor troll 2

Andrew aka Yamanamama aka @pure, impure on Twitter, is whining about attention being paid to what he and his friends are posting online:

Mike Cernovich ‏@PlayDangerously
SJWs have tried having me disbarred, thrown into jail, and killed (Swatted) for my speech. SJWs are terrorists. #TheInterviewMovie

pure, impure ‏@pure_impure
But when Vox Day does it to his critics and their friends, it’s fine, right?

Mike Cernovich ‏@PlayDangerously
If you people are stupid enough to pick a fight with Vox Day, don’t come crying to me.

Now, I warned Andrew. Repeatedly. He has spent literally years trolling this blog, Larry’s blog, Eric’s blog, Sarah’s blog, Tom Mays’s blog, and numerous others. Ignoring him didn’t work. Banning him didn’t work. Very well, that simply means the time has come for more proactive measures. He apparently doesn’t understand that for perhaps the first time, he has run into someone who is more ruthless and relentless than him. He is only beginning to experience the consequences of his actions over the last two years.

But let’s be very clear on this. He is the known troll. He is the confirmed stalker. And, I suspect, he’s the criminal whose every action will be investigated by professionals.

It should be fascinating to find out what we learn about the little coward. As with the SFWA, everything will be posted here. I’ve already got Verizon, the police, and a private investigator looking into him. And there will be other parties doing so in the new year.

You are blocked from following @pure_impure and viewing @pure_impure’s Tweets.

He hasn’t posted on his journal since December 15th. But no matter where he posts, if he so much as mentions me, or Larry, or Dan Simmons, or the Mad Genius Club, we will find him.