Astroturfing 101

Rule No. 1: Post BEFORE screencapping:

A Spacedad appears! @SuperSpacedad
Yes Gamergate, it’s clearly other people making you look bad and not your own fault. Here’s your bottle and bonnet

Exposing Jihad @XposingJihad
@SuperSpacedad Wouldve been more effective you hit post before screencapping

Isn’t it fascinating how we’re still supposed to believe #GamerGate is all about harassing a few individuals despite the fact that no one has mentioned them in weeks? The SJWs are so desperate for evidence that they have to manufacture it themselves.

Remember, rabbits always lie. They have no sense of honor or self-respect.

UPDATE: Speaking of fascinating, we have a real rabbit here. Never heard of the guy before, so he must be blocking #GamerGate en masse while simultaneously trying to spoof us.

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