Pink SFFer defends a rabbit-pelleting

This should be amusing, although you may wish to avert your eyes if you are of tender sensibilities. McCreepy attempts to take on John C. Wright over the desirability of SJW propaganda in children’s cartoons:

The delusionality is strong with this one. Watch as he attempts to speak for an entire audience, many of whom were screaming with happiness at the Korra/Asami revelation.

Go watch this video of fan reactions. Look at the joy on those people’s faces.

These are some of the people he’s trying to speak for. Do they look like people whose way of life, whose values and religion and virtues, are so incredibly fragile that they can be hurt so badly by a several-second clip of two women holding hands, or the idea of two women falling in love?

Mister Wright, you do not speak for the audience of this show. You speak for yourself, and perhaps for a small group of intolerant bigots who can’t accept the slightest acknowledgement or recognition of relationships you personally disapprove of, for whatever twisted reason.

I always enjoy the way the more incompetent rabbits go right to DISQUALIFY without any pretense of a justification. Mr. Wright is more than capable of addressing McCreepy, so I see no need to go into any detail except to note that a) SJWs always lie and b) they always attempt to avoid dealing with the actual topic at hand. Would you stake your life on those most of those “fan reactions” coming from genuine fans of the show? I surely wouldn’t.

McCreepy is ignoring the obvious point that if the show’s fans genuinely wanted to see animated lesbians, they wouldn’t have been watching it on Nickelodeon, they would have ignored it in favor of Japanese anime and the writers wouldn’t have had to spell everything out after the show ended. The problem is not that two women were holding hands, the problem is the SJW symbolism it represented; the symbolism is precisely why the rabbits were cheering it.

“Hurray, we managed to defecate on something again! We totally own it!”

McCreepy knows perfectly well what Wright is criticizing. He knows perfectly well that he would not have defended the symbolism as trivial if, instead of a several-second shout-out to sexual aberration, the two women had rolled back their sleeves to flash swastikas newly tattooed on their wrists, then thrown a Nazi salute to each other. Totally harmless. Look at the joy on the faces of the fans in Germany. What bigot could possibly oppose that?

The good news is that the strong reaction of the rabbits to Wright’s criticism shows they understand the danger that our increasing rejection of their symbolic pelleting represents to them. They have to claim they have the numbers even when they quite obviously don’t, they have to stop the criticism quickly, because the illusion of strength is all they have.

The open divide in science fiction between Pink SF and Blue SF is growing. This is but one of many, many incidents to come. Foxification is upon the genre… and we are the Fox.

And as for sexual retrofitting, I may have been one of the few who wasn’t surprised by the announcement that Dumbledore was gay. Frankly, I thought the movie version of the character was more than a bit of a pedophile obsessed with Harry. Was there a sentence that came out of his mouth that didn’t begin with “Harry….”?