Of rabbit fear and hate

Interesting though it is, I’m not entirely convinced by this particular aspect of AC’s theory myself:

In one post though, [John C. Wright] pointed out that he felt the work here was incomplete, because it didn’t deal with the spiritual. He is correct, of course. If you meet pure evil, face to face, you will realize that there is clearly something much deeper than a mere mechanism, which happens to produce evil as a byproduct of some other purpose. As one examines evil up close, the only answer which really makes sense is that the evil are soldiers, with a mission, serving some authority. They will sacrifice their own interests, destroy their own lives, and fall on their own swords, in a genuinely selfless pursuit of their evil purposes. They will even do evil when it doesn’t matter, and when there is no sense to it. Their evil mechanism is so self-sacrificial that it seems the type of thing which nature would eliminate over time. He is right about the spiritual lacking here, and I encourage others to not mistake its absence here for some endorsement of a non-spiritual world model.

One part of his response I take issue with however, is his assertion that the rabbits hate him because he exposes them to truth. A proper explanation of this touches on the spiritual, in part because a full understanding of the rabbit’s hate offers a window into the same hatred Satan holds for the good.

In short, the rabbits do not so much hate John, as they hold him in contempt. Hate is more of a visceral rejection of some moral or emotional aspect of something. Hate can be applied to anything – you can hate a beggar or hate a King. Contempt carries with it a subtle air of rejecting something due to inferiority or weakness. Hate is a raw emotion that you express without regard to your enemy’s status. Contempt is reserved, solely for the weak, whom you can afford to hold in contempt, and it is most often expressed by cowards who only attack their lessers, and who hold little in regard beyond their own immediate safety.

Rabbits have contempt for John because he is kind, rational, and compassionate, and they see that all as weakness. The rabbits dislike John because he is a man who challenges the falsehoods they need to quiet their amygdala. However it is only because his goodness renders him harmless, that this dislike manifests as contempt. The real source of the rabbit’s hatred of John is his tolerance of them – the very quality they claim so ardently to espouse and champion, but which they only use to infiltrate and corrupt any organization too tolerant to reject them.

The reason I’m not sure about this is that I find it very difficult to believe that I am not actually hated by the Pinkshirts. First, because I get a definite anger, fear, and hatred vibe from most of them, second, because I find it very difficult to believe that they sense any inferiority or weakness on my part.

I could be wrong, but I certainly don’t feel either of those things, particularly not with regards to the flabby, overweight, evolutionary dead-ends who have never seen the inside of a weight room nor tested themselves in any form of combat, and flee from the mere suggestion of seeing their intellectual skills tested by debate with me or other formidable figures of the not-rabbit Right.

Then again, the fact that I am patient and a counterpuncher by both training and inclination has caused people to misread me before, both online and in real life. My impression has tended to be that the rabbits hate me less because I disagree with them than because I remind them of the jocks they used to fear, envy, and hate back in junior high and high school. We are dealing with fairly serious cases of arrested development here, and back in the day, more than one girl told my friends and me that we reminded her of the bad guys in every 80’s movie ever, right down to the Porsches, Triumphs, and Jaguars. And in real life the athletes and arrogant rich boys with cars always get the girl, which tends to foster a certain lasting resentment among the would-be white-knighting gamma males of the world.

But regardless, there is one thing concerning which AC is indubitably right, and that is that their father is the Devil. They don’t merely hate the truth, they love lies, seemingly for their own sake. Every SJW I’ve met not only lies, but lies effortlessly, and without any shame whatsoever after being caught in a lie. And perhaps that is where the aspect of contempt that AC mentions comes in; like Nietzsche and the Nazis, the rabbits do not understand honor and they find those who are not willing to embrace every possible tactic and weapon to be weak and possessed of insufficient will-to-power compared to the progressive Ubermensch they consider themselves to be.

Of course, it’s a little difficult to put his hypothesis to the scientific test. I mean, what are we supposed to do, have Tom Kratman crucify John Scalzi on his lawn, then poll the rabbits to see if his popularity has risen among the science fiction left?