Continental warming

Temperatures continue to rise in Europe:

[T]he relentless stream of migrants to Europe — propelled by the war in
Syria and turmoil across the Middle East and the Horn of Africa — has
combined with economic troubles and rising fear of Islamic radicalism to
fuel a backlash against immigrants, directed most viciously at Muslims.

simmering resentments and suspicions have driven debates across Europe
about tighter controls on immigration. Worries about immigration have
helped buoy right-wing parties in Britain, Denmark, France and Hungary.
German officials recorded more than 70 attacks against mosques from 2012
to 2014, including an arson, and the police in Britain have recorded an
increase in hate crimes against Muslims. There are few places where the
turn against immigrants is more surprising than Sweden, where a solid
core of citizens still supports the 65-year-old open door policy toward
immigrants facing hardship that has long earned international respect
for the country….

to the rising numbers is growing. The far-right, anti-immigrant Sweden
Democrats had their best showing ever — nearly 13 percent of votes — in
elections in September. The
entry of the Sweden Democrats to parliament in 2010 had already opened
the door for a previously unthinkable discussion about turning back the
country’s policy of taking in foreigners on humanitarian grounds and
granting them access to the country’s generous welfare system.

Groglopo, a professor of social science at the University of
Gothenburg, has studied discrimination in Sweden over the past decade.
He said that Sweden has long been a racially segregated country where
many immigrants live in ghettos and struggle to find jobs, but that the
success of the Sweden Democrats has made racism more socially

By the time the current generation of young people take power, “racism” (or as it is more properly described, nationalism) will not only be socially acceptable, it will be legally mandated. Merkel and her merry band of multiculturalists are on their way out, and once the nationalists gain power everywhere from Greece to Germany, from Serbia to Sweden, the tides will reverse in a manner that will surprise nearly everyone who knows nothing of history and its cycles.

Note this growing movement in Germany, which has already surpassed the peak popularity of the Tea Party: One German in eight would join an anti-Muslim march if a rapidly-growing
protest movement organized one in their home towns, according to an
opinion poll published on Thursday.

Immigration in small numbers by those who fully integrate in every way, including language and religion, is beneficial to a nation. But that is very different than mass migration, which is not merely detrimental to a nation, it is materially worse than war. And multi-ethnic societies always collapse, usually in violence.