The shills of anti-GamerGate

The media never bothers to look close enough at the situation to observe that a considerable amount of the objectionable behavior of #GamerGate is actually the work of anti-GamerGate shills trying to make #GamerGate look bad:

Leader ID 036072 01/02/15 No. 170287

So guy how many trannys have we helped drive to commit suicide? I think we should really focus on Brianna Wu. She is the head of the anti gamer cobra. She offs herself and the rest of the freaks will follow suit. 

A few hours later….

Leader ID 036072 01/02/15 No. 170532

I can’t do this anymore.

I’m making myself sick with the comments I’m making in this thread. I honestly feel sick to my stomach. Transexuals don’t deserve to be bullied. Anyone who might have followed this tread please don’t do anything.

I just want you guys to stop harassing my friend Zoe and my friends at ghazi. I figured helping you guys look bad would help stop you. Please just stop bothering my friends and I truly apologize for the awful things i said about trans people. Can someone tell me how to delete this thread?

Remember, for rabbits, it is always about the appearance rather than the substance, and victory is synonymous with positive PR. Of course, it’s usually not hard to spot these provocateurs, since they are too solipsistic to effectively emulate their opponent’s patterns of thought and speech.

The idea that Brianna Wu is the head of anything was sufficient to expose this shill even before her confession. No doubt AC will be amused by the evidence of a rabbit accidentally overstimulating her own amygdala.

Notice how the rabbit apologizes for her violation of warren dogma, but not for the deceit she practiced upon everyone. Rabbits feel literally no shame about lying, nor do they feel any obligation to tell the truth. Never, ever forget that.