A request for substantiation

This morning I sent summaries of the ongoing cyberstalking and online harassment committed by Yamamanama aka inimbe karu ava, Alauda, alauda, Luscinia Hâfez, Luscinia, Clamps, Ciconia, Arachnothera, daphnis, Count Bullets-ula, Beardsley McTurbanhead, Freddy Foreshadowing, Comrade Questions, comrade questions, Dan Picaro, Andthestarshine, Kasa the Wicked, Nikola, Chokley Carmichael, Clamps, Daphis, Daphnis, Starshine, Sunlight, Will, Will leFey, Yama, Yama the Space Fish, Lilacanddatura, Phoenixwing667, Darkprophet667 to the Marshfield police department and the New England Wildlife Center.

A selection from the summary of my experience being harassed and cyberstalked:

Aside from the realization that the cyberstalker did not appear to be entirely mentally stable, this incident also caused me to learn that the cyberstalker “Will leFey” was “Yama the Spacefish” on DeviantArt and “Yamamanama” on Live Journal as well as “@pure, impure” on Twitter. I also learned that the cyberstalker lived in Marshfield, Massachusetts and is a longtime volunteer at the New England Wildlife Center. And I learned that I am far from the first person he has subjected to this persistent online harassment.

• https://twitter.com/pure_impure
• http://yamathespacefish.deviantart.com/
• http://yamamanama.livejournal.com/

Since that time, Will/Yama/etc has intensified his cyberstalking and willfully and maliciously engaged in conduct that seriously alarms or annoys me, left hundreds of comments that would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and has made threats with the intent to place me in fear of bodily injury for me, my wife, and my children. A few of the more recent threats include:

  • “Vox Day and his idiot followers need to know how much of an untalented waste of carbon he is.”
  • “The only award Vox Day should be nominated for is “the worst fucking person in existence award.””
  • “Vox is a mentally unstable stalker.”
  • “Vox should be castrated.”
  • “You pompous stuck-up snot-nosed expatriate giant twerp scumbag fuckface dickhead asshole.”
  • “I want his heart rate to increase to the point where it can’t pump blood anymore.”
  • “May a thousand kraits bite you. May a crane rip out your tongue. May skylarks remove your eyes.”
  • “May Lord Yama visit you soon, Vox.”

These are only a few of the many threats he has made to me and others in the course of his long campaign of online harassment. Note that Lord Yama, the cyberstalker’s primary identity, is the Hindu god of death.

It is my understanding that the erratic behavior of this observably disturbed individual falls well under the scope of Massachusetts law, specifically M.G.L. c. 265, s. 43, and it is my opinion that he presents a clear and present threat to the individuals he is harassing online as well as to the local community of Marshfield.

If you have witnessed any of this online harassment by the cyberstalker who utilizes these identities, I would appreciate it if you would write a brief summary of what you have witnessed, and the period over which you have witnessed it, here in the comments. If you would prefer to do so privately, please email me with “CYBERSTALKER” in the subject. You don’t need to use your real name, but do mention your state, or if you’re outside the USA, your country.

If you have been cyberstalked or harassed by Yama et al on your own site, please send me a list of the comments he has left there and the dates he has been active on your blog. If he has left too many comments to easily copy and paste them into a text document, you can export your blog to XML and we can utilize our data-mining tool to extract all of his comments in one fell swoop.

Please note that all summaries may be sent to the appropriate authorities in order to substantiate the assertions made in the summary.