Pegida rises

As expected, the Paris attacks have caused German nationalism to continue growing, from 500 marchers to 25,000 in only three months:

A record 25,000 people joined an anti-Islamic march in Germany on Monday, claiming their stance was vindicated by last week’s Paris jihadist attacks. However, the impressive turnout was dwarfed by 100,000 counter-demonstrators calling for tolerance nationwide.

Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier stressed that “Islam belongs to Germany” and announced she would on Tuesday join a Muslim community rally in Berlin against extremism, along with most of her cabinet ministers.

Undeterred, supporters of the self-styled Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident, or PEGIDA, gathered for their 12th rally since October in their birthplace of Dresden in former communist east Germany.

The marchers waved the German national flag and held up placards that read “Fight Islamisation, stop the flood of foreigners now” and “Stop multiculturalism. My homeland will stay German”.

The “counter-demonstrators” are irrelevant. They’re just the usual suspects who will turn out for any leftist cause. They won’t fight when the time comes; once the nationalists outnumber them they will disappear. What matters is the way Pegida is forcing the treasonous German elite to show its true anti-German colors.

Come election time, I imagine Merkel is going to be seeing a lot of pictures of herself in a burqah, talking about how “Islam belongs to Germany”. Germans can be so tone-deaf it is hysterical; imagine how that assertion is going to go down in Iraq, Pakistan, and Egypt. I don’t know enough about German politics to know if this will be enough to sink her yet, but it is clear that she’s determined to go down with the transnational ship. Furthermore, given the media’s obvious sympathies, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if there were already more Pegida marchers than tolerance losers.

Tolerance, multiculturalism, and diversity are all dead. They’ll twitch for a while, but no one with more than half a brain can still seriously claim to buy into the concepts. I note that Pegida is already spreading into Austria and Switzerland as well.