Graphic design needed

A message from Castalia House’s art director.

As Castalia House continues to grow we need another graphic design
professional to help with cover typography and pre-press needs. Ideally
the candidate will have a strong background in graphic design with a
love of composition, type, and an understanding of the pre-press process
including ICC color profiles, color conversion from RGB to CMYK for the
press, and how to read and understand provided print specs and
templates. A typical project will include the typography for a cover
design with both the artistic cover type over a provided illustration
for an eBook cover, and then prepping select covers for printing
including laying out the body copy on the cover, designing the spine and
back cover based upon the font illustration, and all pre-press work to
create a make-ready file for the printer based upon a template. The
designer will need to have industry standard software and be able to
provide an X-1a compliant pdf for print.

The work and pay is
based upon the project and an online portfolio for evaluation of your
work is a must. Please email books AT castaliahouse DOT com with COVERS
in the subject, provide a link to your work, and include your rates for
the work specified above. Not all books will require print layout. If you want to help the Blue SFF revolution
and work with a talented and very dedicated team of professionals, this
is your opportunity.