Stop the Ensaddening!

Larry Correia explains the vital importance of joining the Crusade to End Puppy Related Sadness and getting a supporting membership to vote in the nominations. Because only you can tie SJWs to stakes and burn them.

Now our SP3 spokesmanatee would like to share a few thoughts about
why it is so important that you help to combat the scourge of PRS.

wendell2 (2)

Thank you, Wendell. That was so profound I may have shed a single manly tear.

This year we will be expanding the suggested slate to include several
other authors, artists, and creators who are usually locked out by the
SJW voting block. 

(sniff) Damn, but Wendell is one eloquent manatee, isn’t he? You just can’t argue with that. Keep in mind that you’ll get a bunch of ebooks for your $20/year membership (you pay $40 for two years), and the more nominations Sad Puppies gets, the better the books you’ll get will be. Last year voters got the complete set of The Wheel of Time as well as all three volumes of Larry’s Grimnoire trilogy; which was pretty good value for the $20.