The Divide-by-Zero Left

John C. Wright observes how the other side has transformed over the course of his lifetime:

Something rotten, very rotten has happened to the Left just in my lifetime. They used to be champions of free speech; and now they are its most vehement opponents.

They use to be able to give some sort of argument or logical reason
for their position, even if an incorrect argument; now they have no
argument, none of them, aside from wild and insincere accusations
delivered in a mechanical fashion without any hope of being believed,
phony as a three-dollar bill.

They used to be firmly on the side of the workingman; now they hate the workingman as a white racist oppressor.

They used to be in favor of free love and the sexual liberation; now
they object to rocket scientists wearing shirts with cartoon women
printed on them, they object to science fiction magazines showing a
scantily clad warrior princess slaying a monster, and they call all sex
rape, and demand strict segregation of women and men. On the same day as
these protests, they appear in front of the Pope, writhing on the
ground naked with crosses and crucifixes inserted into their vaginas. So
the Puritan rules apply arbitrarily, without sense or order, to anyone
or no one.

They used to be in favor of Blacks and other minorities; now their
disgust for all the impoverished and dispossessed is plain to see. All
they want is to keep the Blacks on the plantation, addicted to welfare,
addicted to crack, their children aborted, their parents unwed.

They used to be in favor of the Jews, and other minorities; now they
kneel to Islamic Jihad at every opportunity, vowing that those who
slander the prophet of Islam will no be in the future, and ergo the Left
now curse the Jews, and pray daily for the destruction of Israel, and a
new Holocaust in the warhead of a Muslim nuke.

What? You say that his the not what the Left says? That they say they
are creatures of purity, goodness, and sweetness, who live only to help
others out of the depth of their hearts and the depth of your wallet?
No, that was the old Left, back when the Left still had some scraps of
sanity and intelligence.

They serve Sauron and have forgotten their own names.

They do not say what they are, because, if you listen to them, they
say that words mean nothing, that truth is relative, that all
civilizations are no better than savagery, that no religion is better
than another, and that anything which is not illegal is allowed.  So of
course they say they are perfect angels: because the word has no meaning
to them, no words have meaning, and telling the truth is not correct.
Only political correctness is correct.

Now they have gone fullbore barking moonbat mouthfoaming evil.

To summarize: the answer to the question “is the Left evil or stupid?” is “yes”. The truth is what we always expected: they never held the values they professed. They were charlatans; they never had any intention of fighting for free speech with which they disagreed, they never gave a damn about blacks, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, or science.

All those things were to them were tools. All those things were was a means of attacking that which they hate and want to destroy, Christian civilization in the West. They are literally nothing, they stand for nothing, they seek only to destroy and they have absolutely no more conception of what will come after the fall of Western civilization than Karl Marx did the Worker’s Paradise.

It is not possible to compromise with them because there is no middle ground on which to meet them. It is like trying to divide by zero. It’s not merely undesirable, it can’t be done. Their principles and their objectives are a constantly moving target, always pushing the outer limits, stretching them out further.

Reject them. Don’t seek their approval or try to reason with them or hope to win them over through dialectic and discourse. Their sickness is not of the mind, but of the soul.