Brain-hacking the rabbits

It’s really rather remarkable how much rabbit behavior is explained by the r/K model. It puts into perspective so much of what looks completely inexplicable to the sane and more conservative mind that is neither ruled by rhetoric nor dependent upon social status.

The Anonymous Conservative has cogitated upon the matter and thinks he may have come up with a means of helping the poor, frightened rodents escape the limits of their failed ideology through hacking their brains.

When John Scalzi claimed 50K unique visitors per day on his blog, it
didn’t matter whether he had that accomplishment or not. What mattered
from the rabbit perspective is if he could create that impression. As in
all of rabbitry, the reality flows from the impression, which itself
need not flow from any tangible reality. Scalzi claimed it, it was
parroted in an article, people got the impression that he had social
status, and as a result, social status flowed from the impression.

This offers the prospect of creating interesting brain hacks, if the
K-strategist can train themselves to operate within the liberal
cognitive framework. Presently Conservatives concern themselves with
reality, and ignore social status. We assume that success is Thomas
Edison, and not Kim Kardashian, and our arguments are formed around that

Instead, the Conservative should focus more on creating memes which
socially diminish and denigrate liberals, making them appear impotent
and inferior. Since to the leftist, reality flows from impression, and
social dominance is all important, you must create memes which tie an
anchor of inferiority and impotence to leftists, and let the reality
flow from that.

As an example, what the rabbit meme Vox created does at its core is
create an impression of inherent inability, unfitness, weakness, and
social inferiority, and attach it cleverly to those who embrace the
r-strategy of liberalism. Once those circumstances are created, and the
meme’s permeation is great enough that the rabbit cannot escape it, it
will prove amazingly unsettling to the rabbits, for whom impression is
reality, and reality is impression. Here is a popular impression saying
liberals are weak and impotent. Since to the rabbit truth is what other
people think, if they self-identify as a liberal, then they will be
accepting that people will think they are weak and impotent, and this
will make them weak and impotent. (In many ways the rabbit’s perception
is actually an accurate read of the reality in a r-selected world.)

At that point, a liberal brain will have only one pathway to
alleviate the amygdala angst generated by the social damage it sees
flowing from that meme – the rabbit can only tell itself that it isn’t a
rabbit. To divorce itself from rabbitry, it must abandon every issue
that is a part of the rabbit’s r-selected reproductive strategy, and
then turn its back on the rest of the warren of rabbits.

No wonder they so hate being called rabbits. What I find remarkable about what AC is doing here is the way he is articulating and putting into practice some of the principles that Aristotle first elucidated in his Rhetoric. After all, of whom do you think Aristotle was writing when he described those whose minds cannot be changed by information?

Speaking of rhetorically limited minds where reality flows from the impression, I found this comment by a rabbit to be all too typical”:

David W. on February 6, 2015 at 7:16 am said:
Sorry, but a DNA test result doesn’t make one a “Native American”, but
the writers of this horsecrap couldn’t care less about fact, obviously.

Fascinating. One wonders what would suffice to make one a “Native American” if not DNA, particularly when it says “Native American” on the DNA results and the Bureau of Indian Affairs issues Certificates of Indian Blood.