Yeah, we did

The Special Victims Unit episode on #GamerGate turned out to be a little more awesome and subversive than anyone in #GamerGate was expecting. You can watch the end of it here.

“I’m out!”

“You said if you gave up, they’d win.”

“They already did.”

True. The Ralph Retort has a recap and video clips as well as a download link to the entire episode if you’re interested:

As I said, the other side was mighty pissed. Zoe was whining because the developer ends up quitting at the end. All that bullshit, and this is what pisses her off? I should have know a deceitful tramp like her would take that away from this farce. I’m tempted to think the writing staff was just trolling everyone. That’s how fucking nuts this thing was. 

Of course the show took considerable license, given that it portrayed a woman who isn’t a game developer, or even a gamer, as a game developer. Anita Sarkeesian is an activist con artist and nothing more.

As usual, the left-wing media turns reality on its head. They love to portray female game developers making games for men, when the reality is male game developers cranking out games like Cooking Mama, Candy Crush Saga, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Hell, I’m one of the archdevils of #GamerGate and I designed Hot Dish for THQ, which was very popular with women.

Sadly, for the villain, the producers went with Generic Evil Blond Guy rather than anyone readily identifiable as any of the major #GamerGate players. It would have been so much more awesome if he had been a British homosexual with fabulous hair. I can’t believe they didn’t go there. So disappointed.