Sad Puppies Novella Bomb

Larry Correia drops it:

Today we are Book Bombing the three suggested novellas from the Sad Puppies slate. These are novellas that the Evil Legion of Evil thinks are great, and should be considered for fancy awards. No gimmicks, no BS, just awesome stuff.

How a Book Bomb works is that we try to get as many people to buy them off of Amazon in the same day. Because they have a rolling average best seller list that updates hourly, this causes the book to move up the list. The higher it gets, the more people outside the Book Bomb see it, and check it out too. Success breeds success, and best of all, the author GETS PAID.

And all authors should have GET PAID on their mission statement.

Throughout the day I’ll update the sales rankings. This is Very Special Book Bomb because someone accused me and Brad of trying to get people to vote without reading the works. On the contrary, that misses the point. These are good, so we want you to read them….

Right now the stories are at the following ranks:

A lot of you will have already bought these and read these. So, I’d encourage you to participate in the Novella Bomb by posting reviews of them on Amazon.  Now, Rabid Puppies has two other Novella recommendations, but we’re focusing on supporting Sad Puppies in this today so we will leave them out of the Novella Bomb.

In case you are interested, they are:

  • “The Plural of Helen of Troy” by John C. Wright, City Beyond Time
  •  “Pale Realms of Shade” by John C. Wright, , The Book of Feasts & Seasons

Now, that’s a lot of John C. Wright, you might say. And you’d be right. And yet, on pure merit, there is a very reasonable case for him winning Best Novella, Best Novelette, and Best Short Story this year, for the simple and straightforward reason that he published the best work in each of those categories this year. As Larry says: “I think [he] is one of the greatest wordsmiths alive. The man is brilliant.”

And, as one of his editors, I entirely concur. There is nothing to make you seriously consider giving up on writing fiction yourself like reading the first draft of a John C. Wright story.

UPDATE:  Amazon has updated the rankings: