Shades of #GamerGate

The Otherwhere Gazette releases the Sad Puppies Manifesto:

  • That for Freedom of Speech (and Written Word) to be free, that
    Freedom must be sacrosanct, nothing is off limits, nothing is too
  • That Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom not to be Offended, nor to impose your Offense on behalf of others.
  • That Freedom of Speech comes with consequences and others may Consequence your nose if you are too offensive.
  • That Writers must be free to write what they please and that no one has the right to tell them they may not or should not.

Read the rest of it there. But for me, it is the fourth point that is the most important, and the most offensive to the SJWs. If they want to play the numbers game and see who can flex the most muscle, that’s fine. Our side invented the Inquisition and the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, after all, and we can play that game better than they ever could.

But we’d rather not. Our side also invented free will and freedom of speech. That’s what we’d prefer. The pinkshirts and SJWs cast those concepts aside at their own peril.