A lesson in Gamma

This revelatory explanation by a Gamma male was so unexpected, and yet so illuminating, that I felt it worth bringing to the attention of the VP readership as well:

Gammas think they are Alphas.

It sounds insane, but it’s true. A man who knows his place and sticks to that place is usually left to his own devices. Pay tribute to those above, demand tribute from those below, and if a man should disagree with either his own or your relative position in the hierarchy, then conflict will ensue to determine who is correct. It’s a simple enough formula and it occurs frequently, if not daily, during the course of a man’s life. Men tend to be very diligent about ensuring the proper order of things, but once that order is established, there is an element of stability. The victor may be magnanimous to the defeated. In turn, the loser is expected to acclimate himself to his new position.

Gammas introduce instability to this hierarchy. They refuse to accept their station, nor do they propose to increase it through deeds and experience. Like women, they come to expect a certain station in life and feel wronged when it is not provided for them. A common Gamma thought would be “why should he be the leader and get all the glory for himself?”

The part that I thought was particularly insightful was this statement: “Doubtless, thinks the Gamma, the leadership position was earned through
subterfuge and oppression since that is how he would obtain it.”

A leadership position earned through subterfuge and oppression? Strange, for some reason that sounds strangely… familiar?