Related Works Book Bomb

Larry Correia has posted the third and last of the 2015 Sad Puppies Book Bombs, this one for Related Works and the Campbell nominees:


This is our last Sad Puppies 3 Book Bomb. Remember, you’ve only got a few more days to get your nominations in for the Hugo awards. The Sad Puppies bombs are special because these are the works in the different categories that the Evil Legion of Evil has put forth as suggestions for our Hugo nomination slate. The last two we did went amazing.



Nominations close on March 10, so if you’re registered to vote on the Hugo Awards, don’t forget to review the Rabid Puppies recommendations as they’ve been updated several times to reflect various eligibility issues, gun-shy authors, and other changes. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

In addition to the three Sad Puppies recommendations for the Campbell Award, please note that Rabid Puppies is also supporting Rolf Nelson for his debut novel, The Stars Came Back. Castalia House will be publishing the sequel to it later this year. As before, if you’ve already bought these works, please consider supporting the Bomb by posting a review of them.