The SJW slow-suicide model

Mozilla Firefox continues to die a well-deserved death:

Mozilla’s Firefox is in danger of making the endangered species list for browsers. Just two weeks after Mozilla’s top Firefox executive said that rumors of its demise were “dead wrong,” the iconic browser dropped another three-tenths of a percentage point in analytics firm Net Applications’ tracking, ending February with 11.6%. That was Firefox’s lowest share since July 2006, when the browser had been in the market for less than two years.

Firefox 1.0 was released in November 2004, at a time when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) had a stranglehold on the browser space, having driven Netscape — Firefox’s forerunner — out of the market. Mozilla has been credited with restarting browser development, which had been moribund under IE.

But Firefox has fallen on hard times. In the last 12 months, Firefox’s user share — an estimate of the portion of all those who reach the Internet via a desktop browser — has plummeted by 34%. Since Firefox crested at 25.1% in April 2010, Firefox has lost 13.5 percentage points, or 54% of its peak share.

At Firefox’s 12-month average rate of decline, Mozilla’s desktop browser will slip under the 10% bar in June, joining other third-tier applications like Apple’s Safari (with just a 4.8% user share in February) and Opera Software’s Opera (1.1%). If the trend continues, Firefox on the desktop could drop below 8% as soon as October.

Now, what could possibly have happened in the last 12 months that would have caused users to stop using Firefox? Apparently I’m far from the only one who rejected the appeal to come back to Firefox. SJW is tech suicide; from what I’ve been hearing, GDC is going to be one of the next organizations to begin an SJW-inspired downhill slide into irrelevance.

You’d think people would learn, but like the Anglican Church, they just keep doubling-down on failure. And it doesn’t help that the media has been complicit in keeping quiet concerning the main reason for Firefox’s slide. Even in an article focused on “an incredibly shrinking Firefox”, there isn’t a single mention of the Eich affair.

And if you’re still on Firefox, do get with the program and get rid of it. Don’t support the SJWs.