Reddit aGGros busted

Reaxxion has the news of a big leak proving Reddit’s anti-GamerGate bias:

Reddit, an internet social news aggregator based in San Francisco, has recently had a monster leak from their moderator chatroom. It is purported that this leak came from a disgruntled user, who dumped the contents of the whole #modleak channel to pro-gamer media. This leak entails a lengthy chat log which captured conversations from September 15th 2013 to February 17th 2015….

Here is a chatlog of /r/Gaming mods talking about filtering the
submission of new threads. Any of these words in the title will trigger
the auto-delete function. Notice the high anti gamer-gate slant in the
mod list. The biggest gaming subreddit has been caught red-handed trying
to stifle gamergate.

I’ve never used Reddit much myself, but it is now abundantly clear that, like Wikipedia, it is SJW-occupied territory and therefore unreliable.