Boys vs women

So tonight Ender’s team played a friendly against a women’s 1st league team. Ender’s team are juniors, which means they are between the ages of 15 and 18; essentially a high school varsity team. 1st league is the top female level below the professional teams.

Out of curiosity, I timed it. Despite the boys mostly showboating and ball-hogging against a defense with 9 players in the box, the boys nearly had a tap-in goal in the first 30 seconds. And it took 9 minutes before the ball crossed midfield in possession of the women. It was 8-0 at halftime, at which point the coaches put some of our first team players who had finished their practice in with the women, and had some of the players switch teams. That made it a little more interesting for everyone.

Ender played the second half for the boys and only let in one goal, but it was against one of the first team men. So, when you hear people trying to tell you that women can compete with men in anything athletic, you’ll know they’re not to be taken seriously.

And to put it in perspective, this was the junior team that lost 5-1 to the men’s first team. Which lost to our veterans team. It’s not that the women couldn’t play, they were actually pretty sound both technically and tactically. But they just played at a much slower speed. You’d see a woman with a 10-foot lead on the ball, and yet the boy would still get to the ball first. The boys didn’t really use their strength or size advantage, merely the speed differential was sufficient to render the game uncompetitive.