Video games reduce crime

From Reaxxion: We always hear the old line that “video games have to be toned down,
they always make boys so violent.” Although numerous scientific studies
have shown that this is hardly the case, the clan of insatiable, denialist harpies still trot out that tired canard every
time they need a seemingly rational reason to attack our hobby and push
their agenda. However, if we look at a certain U.S. Court ruling,
Interactive Digital Software Ass’n v. St. Louis County, we actually find a case of the law completely rejecting the claim that video games cause people to act violently.

There goes that old lie. Forget causation, there isn’t even a statistical correlation. It never made any sense anyhow. I mean, you usually have to get off the machine and go outside to commit much in the way of violent crime anyhow.