Chicken with the Dark Lord

Brad Torgersen, the leader of Sad Puppies 3, observes the obvious:

Facebook is lighting up with outrage over the fact that the notorious Vox Day is threatening to go all NO AWARD on the Hugo ballot in 2016, if NO AWARD takes the Hugo ballot in 2015. Amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth and blaming the family dog (me) for the fact a wild wolf (Vox) is growling at the door, I have to ask everybody: what did you freaking expect when you made it plain as day the whole reason for going NO AWARD in 2015 is to keep Vox’s imprint Castalia House (and Vox himself) off the trophy table? That’s like putting a bloody leg of beef into the water while a great white shark circles nearby. You are daring The Kurgan to play chicken with you. That is The Kurgan’s most favorite game. The wild wolf lives for danger. The wild wolf wants you to nuke it all from orbit. This is Mutually Assured Destruction….

I know Vox sure as hell doesn’t give a fuck what I think. When did he
ever? He didn’t give a fuck when SFWA sent him packing. He doesn’t
give a fuck who hates him. If Sad Puppies evaporates tomorrow and
ceases to exist, Vox won’t give a shit at all. Because Vox doesn’t give
a shit what any of us think, and doesn’t care.

That pretty much sums it up nicely. What do you say, Dread Ilk? What do you say, Rabid Puppies? Are we dogs or are we wolves?

We don’t whine. We don’t cry. We don’t complain. We howl.

And the rabbits tremble.