The end of Arthur Affect

Coming on the heels of Arthur Chu’s jokes about rapes and bomb threats, Reaxxion reports the purported outing of the oft-quoted #GamerGate enemy as a freakish sex deviant:

At approximately 7:30 PM Eastern time yesterday, @BroTeamPill Tweeted out links to several web pages potentially associated with Arthur Chu, white-knight extraordinaire and notorious GamerGate detractor. These sites were found by locating different accounts registered to the same email. Among the sites were an embarrassingly juvenile LiveJournal, a Flickr account from 2006, and, most interestingly, an active Tumblr account bearing his signature name “AbstractArthur” The Flickr primarily consisted of photos from Mr. Chu’s college years and clearly belonged to him.

Among a number of photos of his friends rendered in now-antiquated Demotivational Poster format, a slew of pictures he took for his old student paper The Phoenix at an extracurricular event, and an exceedingly poor attempt at webcomicking, were at least a few rape jokes, statutory rape jokes, and candid photographs of a female friend sleeping. This is already terribly compromising to Arthur’s image, since he tries to portray himself as a “defender of women” and opponent of “rape culture.”

The Tumblr, on the other hand, resembled the private hoard of a sex fanatic: someone obsessed with shemale transgenders and being seen as a “sissy-boy” whom men would screw. Updated as recently as last Sunday, it was a glimpse into a truly disturbed mind. It appeared, in fact, to be a hoax. The blatant ArthurEffect label and sheer horror of the content seemed like something a prankster would slap together to make it look like Chu was a bizarre deviant.

Warning: do NOT click on the archive links at Reaxxion. I’m not kidding. In fact, my initial thought was that it had to be some sort of vicious dark op meant to humiliate Chu, until I read this part:

As word of the compromising Flickr photos and uploads sluiced through the veins of Twitter, word reached the ears of their owner. Almost immediately, the Flickr account was closed, presumably with the intent of limiting the damage. But the Internet never forgets, and archives of the content had already been made. What is worth noting, though, is that the Tumblr was also deleted, at the same time.

Now, it’s entirely possible that these hypothetical dark operators were clever enough to anticipate Chu’s foolish attempt to belatedly delete the damaging Flickr account and thereby making it look as if he was also responsible for shutting down the Tumblr account that was closed at the same time, but we will have to wait to hear if Mr. Chu denies responsibility for one or both accounts. Regardless, if he is responsible for either of them, it would appear to be time for Mr. Chu to abandon his public posturing as a white knight attempting to save women by attacking #GamerGate.

UPDATE: Apparently Mr. Chu has denied responsibility for the Tumblr account, and admitted to the Flickr account. Of course, this does not mean that he is not responsible for it; given that Mr. Chu is a self-professed supporter of playing dirty and being dishonest, one cannot simply take him at his word. Nero has more:

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. We’re not going to leave you alone, Arthur. You didn’t leave us alone, after all.