Brainstorm May

We have 92 participants for the first Brainstorm (which will be at 7:30 PM Eastern regardless of what it says on the invite), and the event is now closed. The invitations for tomorrow will be going out within the hour; Dr. Greg Anderson will be serving as the sole panelist for this particular session. We THINK we’ve figured out a way to make it more organized, with Markku running the show as I focus on the topics at hand, but we’ll see how it goes. Please keep in mind that we’re new to the system and it won’t be surprising if it’s less than entirely smooth.

One thing I am pleased to announce is that although the system software does not have an audience chat feature, we’ve installed one on our own server so attendees can chat directly with one another in a second window. Instructions will be provided along with the invites.

And since there isn’t much to discuss in this regard, here is an email from #21, a Rabid Puppy asking for the chance to discuss the Hugo-nominated works now that the Hugo Packet has been released.

I request a post in which to discuss the Hugo Award finalists, now that the packets are out. That is to say, I just read some of them and I really, really need to vent.

I am kind. Vent away.