Sad Puppies stop rape!

I just can’t how what wow just wow:

Sad/Rabid Puppies are ultimately self-defeating. They want long stories about traditional white men raping and killing things in traditional fantasy settings — but every time they do something else to disrupt the Hugos, George RR Martin, the current king of long stories about traditional white men raping and killing things in a traditional fantasy setting, stops writing Winds of Winter and writes a novel-length essay on his LiveJournal about why the Puppies are ruining his favorite awards.

We haven’t been on the field. That’s the only possible answer for how we’ve been losing to these utter lunatics for the last three decades. That’s a comment from the Gawker piece on Tor’s failure to ask Irene Gallo for her resignation… yet.

Meanwhile, John Scalzi is showing his childhood scars on Twitter again.

I know of someone whose biggest life achievement is being a bigoted shithole of a human being. He’s going to be very sad on his deathbed

Actually, I expect I’ll be rather looking forward to seeing what comprises Level 2. One can only laugh at the degree of Gamma required to not only formulate, but make public that sort of lame passive-aggression. You’ll show them once you grow up, Johnny! Your time is coming. You’ll show them one day!

Johnny, I’m not one of those boys who made fun of you when you couldn’t go out and play at recess with everyone else. And I wouldn’t have done so had I been there. So grow the fuck up already and get over it.