Yes, but…

A File 770 SJW frets that we won’t be satisfied with Gallo’s resignation:

And “Tor employs people who openly call their authors and their customers Nazis” will be written into the anti-SJW litany to be recited with all the other sins of the enemy as part of the Puppy creed as often as possible, along with others like “John Scalzi was mean to VD” and “They call us wrongfans having wrongfun” and “SWIRSKY!” No matter what happens as an outcome for Gallo, which is why it infuriates me even more that they are trying so hard to get her fired. They would wreck her life and dance in the wreckage and go right on complaining what an awful hive of SJW-ness Tor is.

Well, that all depends on how many SJWs Mr. Doherty and/or Macmillan have the good sense to stop inflicting on science fiction. But (and this is the relevant point), thousands of current customers attacked by Ms Gallo won’t stop buying their books. If Gallo was a fry cook or a sales clerk, she’d be gone already. You don’t show that kind of disrespect and hatred for your customers and keep your job. You simply don’t.

I am under no illusion that anyone at Tor or Macmillan like me or wish to do me any favors. But I do assume that they are capable of doing basic math and grasping the lesson of Fox News. Of course, if they instead decide that they want to play the role of CNN and sell only to the left one-third of the population, well, that is certainly their prerogative.

UPDATE: Mr. Doherty, you clearly have a very serious problem at Tor Books. You need to resolve it. Now.

I am not only not “a neo-Nazi”, but I cannot “fairly be described” as
one. I am, as it happens, one of the Internet’s leading libertarians. One has to be remarkably stupid, or shamelessly dishonest, to claim that a well-known libertarian is a National Socialist of any kind.