The courage of the SJW

I somehow get the impression I’m being Othered. Or something:

Lindy West ‏@thelindywest
Saying “I don’t care about race, I just care about funny” & then casting almost exclusively white ppl means you think white ppl are funnier.

Lindy West ‏@thelindywest
This is very, very simple logic and should not be controversial.

Lindy West ‏@thelindywest
If you think we live in a meritocracy, then, by extension, you think white men are just naturally better at nearly everything.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@thelindywest Well, they did invent a little thing called “Western Civilization”. And science. And computers too. Among other things.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
@thelindywest Your logic is neither “very, very simple” nor “controversial”. It’s simply wrong.

Lindy West ‏@thelindywest
ew, don’t talk to me @voxday

Rowan Kaiser ‏@RowanKaiser
@thelindywest oh god I’m so sorry this happened to you

papadopoulos ‏@pdlmma
@thelindywest I’m sorry you had this interaction and will contribute to a fund for exfoliating scrubs

What amuses me is that Lindy West once asked what made women easy targets. The two-part answer to her question lies in her own actions. One, women often say really stupid and ignorant things in public. So do men, of course, but second and more importantly, women who do so are often genuinely surprised, and not infrequently, more than a little upset, whenever anyone points out that they just said something really stupid and ignorant in public. That is practically the definition of a soft and easy target.

It’s not that hard to avoid being an easy target. First, say something intelligent that is actually defensible. Second, be prepared to defend what you said.

Of course, you can also run away, cry for sympathy, and retreat to a safe space where no one will ever criticize anything you say. That’s an option too. A safe space where the only enemy that will confront you is orange-and-yellow Oreos. SPOILER ALERT: the Oreos lose.