Waco II

It looks like something might be more than a little awry in the investigation of the Waco shootings that took place last month:

Four weeks after the deadly May 17th shooting incident outside a Waco Twin Peaks restaurant, more details have come out concerning the incident, but significant questions still remain about the actions taken by law enforcement and the police’s account of what transpired.

Although the national mainstream media has largely moved on from the Waco story, if critics of the police are correct, the incident represents an unprecedented civil rights violation and media cover-up campaign by the Waco authorities.

Police in Waco still have yet to state how many bikers, if any, were killed by the police, or to explain why the police showed up in force at all prior to the meeting on May 17th.

In a statement on Friday, the police said that of 16 officers that were in the parking lot, only three fired a total of 12 shots.  However, the statement still didn’t clarify how many of the bikers were killed by police. Authorities say they have not recieved final autopsy results that would clarify ballistics….

The Morning News piece quotes friends of Kirschner who praise him as a
gentle family man, but also includes a quote from “Lori,” a friend of
Kirschner, who echoed some of the rumors swirling as more doubts are
raised about the police account of the Twin Peaks incident.

In fact, Lori said, the biker community is rife with
reports about witnesses who heard the discharge of lots of high-powered
weaponry after a few initial pop-pop sounds of handguns. The reports
sounded like they came from “muzzled or suppressed high-powered
weapons,” said Lori, though she wasn’t there. The theory is that the
heavy fire came from tactical police officers.

I don’t believe the police version for one very simple reason: police are usually a) trigger-happy, and b) terrible shots. In one incident in Minneapolis, police fired 41 shots at a man in the skyway – which means absolutely no cover at all – and somehow managed to score zero hits.

The key is probably to be found in the statement “of 16 officers that were in the parking lot”. Fine, setting aside one’s skepticism that three police opening fire would only pull the trigger an average of four times each, there were a lot more than 16 police officers on the scene who were not in the parking lot. How many shots did the rest of them fire?