Mailvox: customer care fail

A Vile Faceless Minion sent me this:

Your message

   To: Nielsen Hayden, Patrick
   Subject: Irene Gallo’s comments regarding the Sad Puppies and Tor authors.

 was deleted without being read

That’s the only response anyone has received. Furthermore, John Scalzi, Stephen Brust, David Gerrold, and Laura Resnick are all proclaiming that Tor Books is as indifferent about continuing to sell books to their unhappy customers as they are, and PNH’s refusal to even read email from Tor’s customers does appear to accurately reflect that indifference.

It’s certainly a novel approach to selling books. We’ll see how well it works out for them.

Especially in light of how Macmillan’s Compliance Officer is not ignoring the emails sent to her.

Your message

   To: Brown, Rhonda
   Subject: Regarding comments from TOR senior employees

 was read

It’s certainly an interesting contrast. Whether it is meaningful or not, we’ll find out soon enough.