Ilk wanted

A known member of the Ilk posts a want ad:

I have need of Ilk, US and Canada. I have a rep group that is currently expanding.  I am looking for reps across the US & Canada. (We have done work in Europe, Asia, South & Central America as well so there could be opportunity there  additionally).  My group sells laboratory casework into a variety of markets that have laboratories: pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental firms, consumer companies, universities, government, military, nuclear, waste water, and more.

It is a straight-commission plan, 10% to 15% commission based on volume.  As an example, one pharmaceutical customer spends about $3M annually on equipment, so if you can close, it is a nice commission.  If anyone sells to these industries, you can do it on the side and it is a great add-on sale.I will also offer a 5% Finders Fee to anyone who works in one of these industries, and sends a referral that leads to a sale.

If you are interested in looking into it, email me with LABS in the subject and I’ll forward it on to the gentleman responsible.