A successful SJW attack

This is exactly why I am taking time out from A SEA OF SKULLS to write SJWS ALWAYS LIE. This guy was fired one week into his new job because he supports #GamerGate:

My first week of work was beyond magical. Everyone there was nice. They had great benefits and really cared about my input. My only complaint was that my emails regarding work were never gotten back to — eager to impress, any and every idea I had, I fired off. Podcasts, interviews, events…I was desperate to show them I was right and ready and fit for the job.

At some point on the seventh day, I was called into an office, where I was sat down and informed by my boss that he’d made a couple of calls and he’d found out that my ‘reputation was bad’. I was stunned — I’d known that I’d disagreed with my peers in the past, but to the point where my reputation was bad? What had happened that had affected my quality of work so much that my rep was bad?

I was informed that a few (from what I gather from the way he was speaking two or three) people in the industry had taken issue with me, and I quote, ‘specifically citing your stance on Gamergate. As you know, it’s seen as a hate group against women’. My emphasis added — they had always declared themselves to be neutral on these issues. While he said they had no problem with me or the quality of my work, specific individuals had said they would not read my work or attend any events I hosted, meaning I could not do my job as PR.

My whole world fell apart — I pleaded with them to tell me who it was so I could make amends, or at the very least, open a line of dialogue. I was told ‘I understand this is is a tough position for you, but I can’t’. Given notice, I was sent home and asked to come back the following morning with a plan to make things right.

Strike back harder. If you find out someone in your company opposes #GamerGate, fire them. Their reputation is bad and they clearly cannot do their job. Do not show mercy. Do not accept excuses. If they’re anti-GG, they do not pass Go, they do not collect $200, they go directly to the unemployment line.

The SJWs successfully applied Stage Six of the SJW Attack Sequence: Appeal to Amenable Authority. The guy’s boss wasn’t neutral, he’s an SJW, which is why the guy didn’t even get the benefit of a Stage Seven Show Trial.