I’ll type more slowly

Vox Day @voxday
The fact outsiders are starting to accuse people of using GG for SELF-PROMOTION means #GamerGate has DESTROYED the SJW Narrative about it.

le kacho face :^) ‏@KachoArinoDesu
not really sure how that logic works, voxy

(´・ω・`) ‏@_icze4r
@KachoArinoDesu that doesn’t make any fucking sense

le kacho face :^) ‏@KachoArinoDesu
@_icze4r it really doesn’t but that’s militant GG for you

Platinum ‏@PlatinumParagon
@KachoArinoDesu I’ve spent the past few minutes trying to figure this fucking shit out. My brain cells.

Tyler Valle ‏@TylerValleGG

le kacho face :^) ‏@KachoArinoDesu
@TylerValleGG >me
>agreeing with Vox Day

Vox Day ‏@voxday
It’s straightforward. No self-promoter advances himself by jumping on a bandwagon that everyone hates and thinks is awful.

It probably goes without saying, but it hurts me far more to have to explain something so patently obvious than to see ten thousand SJWs calling me names. But on the plus side, that’s a new one for the SJWs in science fiction to cower over and whisper fearfully about. I’m not just GG, I’m militant GG. To say nothing of: