Gamers only

A little help, if you will. If you’re a serious gamer, I would appreciate if you would provide four questions and answers about your favorite game for a game design on which I’m working. It should contain the following information:

Name of Game
Genre:  Action, Strategy, Simulation, Role-playing
Platform: Arcade, Console, PC, Handheld/Mobile/Online
Decade: 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s
Easy Q&A
Medium Q&A
Hard  Q&A
Expert Q&A

So, for example, this is how I would describe SSI’s Warlords:

Easy: What is the name of the evil general? (Lord Bane)
Medium: What color are the Horse Lords? (Light Blue)
Hard: What is the capital city of the orcs? (Kor)
Expert: What is the movement rating of cavalry from Dunethal? (19)

If 10 or more of you could provide similar summaries, I would appreciate it.