Communicating with Cucky

Jared Taylor types as slowly as he can and lays out the logical case against them to the cuckservatives:

Do you stand for limited government and a balanced budget? Count your black and Hispanic allies. Do you admire Thomas Jefferson? He was a slave-holder who will end up on the dung heap with the Confederate flag. Do you care about stable families and the rights of the unborn? Look up illegitimacy, divorce, and abortion rates for blacks and Hispanics. Do you cherish the stillness at dawn in Bryce Canyon? When the park service manages to get blacks and Hispanics to go camping they play boom-boxes until 1:00 a.m. Was Ronald Reagan your hero? He would not win a majority of today’s electorate.

Do you love Tchaikovsky? Count the non-whites in the concert hall. Do you yearn for neighborhoods where you can leave the keys in your car? There still are some; just don’t expect them to be “diverse.” Are hunting and firearms part of your heritage? Explain that to Barack Obama or Sonia Sotomayor. Are you a devout Christian? Muslim immigrants despise you and your faith. Do you support Israel? Mexicans, Haitians, Chinese, and Guatemalans don’t.

Your great festival–CPAC–is as white as a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. That’s because blacks and Hispanics and even Asians don’t share your dreams. You’ve heard the old joke: “What do you call the only black person at a conservative meeting? The keynote speaker.” Outreach doesn’t work. You can’t talk someone into loving what you love. Faith, patriotism, duty, and honor come from deeply cultural, religious, and ancestral sources you can’t reach….

You are not just betraying your principles and dreams–even though you
think you are working for them. You are betraying your people.

That’s the dialectical approach. In my observation, cuckservatives do not speak that language and they are not sufficiently versed in current genetic science to intelligently discuss the subject, which means that we can only expect to communicate with them through the rhetoric to which they are limited. So, allow me to summarize and translate: If you are a white man who thinks other white men calling you names is racist, you’re a cuckservative and a traitor to your nation.

It would be interesting to hear a cuckservative explain “the crisis in Calais“. The rational individual looks at the picture and worries about a violent, dystopian future on the horizon. The cuckservative looks at it and wonders why that awful Nazi racist is delaying the myriad blessings those vibrant young immigrants are going to convey upon their new native land.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) warned that the lives of lorry drivers were now in danger because French police were simply no longer able to cope. The RHA’s chief executive, Richard Burnett, said: “It has become clear that the French authorities in Calais simply cannot cope. This has become an untenable situation and is obviously now beyond the capabilities of the French police. The RHA strongly repeats its request, made in June, for deployment of the French military to contain, segregate and control the migrant threat.