If they’re upset now….

This is interesting. Apparently the SJWs are more than a little worried about my upcoming book, SJWS ALWAYS LIE: Taking Down the Thought Police.

KIA mods censor major threads and happenings including Julian Assange and Vox Day. (self.KotakuInAction)

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Vox Day
Before https://archive.is/zLVKT
After https://archive.is/gS76X
Julian Assange
Sargon’s kickstarter controversy

Just wait until August 27th, the one-year anniversary of #GamerGate, which I plan to celebrate by publishing the book. It is a pulls-no-punches, gives-no-fucks book in the tradition of The Irrational Atheist; some of it you’ll be familiar with since it involves concepts I’ve worked out here on the blog, but now usefully clarified, codified, and weaponized.

As for the concern trolls at KiA, I have a direct message for you.

You’ve done good work, but you’re not the leaders of #GamerGate. You’re not the GG police either. You don’t speak for #GamerGate anymore than I do. That’s the beauty and the power of a decentralized organization; no one is in charge, no one is in control, and no one is able to decide who can or cannot support it.
Now stop acting like SJWs, shut the fuck up, and send emails. We can turn on each other and fight it out once Gawker and Vox Media are dead, the Vampire Sarkeesian moves onto her next industrial victim, John Flynt is committed, and the Advocacy Track at GDC is history.